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yangxiang won the "social innovation and contribution award" in china corporate social responsibility ranking!

on december 17, the award ceremony of china corporate social responsibility ranking 2021 yicai was held in shanghai world expo museum. guangxi yangxiang co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" yangxiang ") was shortlisted for the ranking and won the" social innovation and contribution award.

over the past decade or more, yicai china corporate social responsibility ranking, together with many excellent enterprises, has witnessed and promoted the development and dissemination of csr in china. this year, focused on "sustainability" and "leadership", we aim to explore the enterprise's sustainable innovation and exert industry leadership to look for model businesses practising kindness.

this award is a great approval for yangxiang's efforts to promote the high-quality development of the industry through scientific and technological innovation in the active practice of corporate social responsibility.

during the growth and development of the company, yangxiang adheres to the philosophy of "technology changes pig farming" and attaches great importance to scientific research and innovation of the enterprise. for example, we build scientific research innovation and talent training platforms with universities, establish industrial internet platforms for pig farming, and develop liquid chips for gene, as well as genome breeding algorithm and genetic matching algorithm with independent intellectual property rights. in doing so, we can revitalize the industry through science and technology.

yangxiang now is engaged in rural revitalization strategy in the country, tackling industrial key technology problems and transforming scientific and technological achievements in a targeted manner. in addition, we remain committed to gene breeding research to make breakthrough in china's seed industry. we jointly build the healthy food industry research institute with huazhong agricultural university and yingzi technology, promoting the industrial transformation and upgrading from pig breeding to food consumption, and driving rural revitalization through industrial thriving!
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