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return with honor! yangxiang won the honorary title of guangxi top ten enterprises
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on the first day of august, xiaobian received a piece of good news. in the "guangxi entrepreneur activity day 2018" held in nanning on july 31, yangxiang won the honorary title of "guangxi top ten enterprises" in 2016-2017. what is the specific situation? let's have a look!

it is understood that the theme of this activity is "promote excellent entrepreneurship to promote high-quality development of enterprises".


the activity released the list of "top 100 enterprises in guangxi in 2018", "top 50 enterprises in guangxi manufacturing in 2018", "top 50 enterprises in guangxi service industry in 2018", "top 50 enterprises in guangxi private enterprises in 2018" and the main research results of the development of large enterprises in guangxi. yangxiang shares won the honorary title of "top 10 enterprises in guangxi in 2016-2017".


yangxiang became the first guangxi agricultural and animal husbandry industry to be selected for the award.

in addition, yangxiang company also won the top 100 enterprises in guangxi in 2018 (no. 48), top 50 private enterprises in guangxi (no. 13), and top 50 manufacturing enterprises in guangxi (no. 23). "excellent enterprise in guangxi from 2016 to 2017 and outstanding entrepreneur recognition and released 2018 top 100 enterprises in guangxi celebration" held in guangxi television in1999, it is worth mentioning that this celebration is reference to cctv annual economic figures awards mode, make annual economic figures in guangxi brand, key show the top 10 enterprises in guangxi and moving story of top ten entrepreneurs and example.



he bing, vice chairman of yangxiang company, accepted the award of the conference as the company's representative. the host put forward on the spot that "yangxiang has walked out of a distinctive road in the agricultural and animal husbandry industry. what important enlightenment does yangxiang's practice have on the development of guangxi's agricultural and animal husbandry industry? yang xiang has its own characteristics in scientific and technological innovation, talent team, non-public party building and other aspects, which is also the direction to think about in the development of agriculture and animal husbandry industry, he said.


activity photos

as a large-scale agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise with science and technology, yangxiang adheres to the concept of "science and technology changes the pig raising industry", seeks development with science and technology, relies on innovation and science and technology to build "yangxiang internet intelligent service pig raising platform", seeks for long-term development, and makes more contributions to the revitalization of rural areas in guangxi.


yang xiang vice chairman he bing is taking questions from the host

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