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yang xiang legal affairs lecture hall opened! come and watch
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as is known to all, enterprises often need to sign contracts with partners in the process of carrying out business. in the process of signing contracts, various problems will inevitably be encountered. if these problems cannot be effectively solved, enterprises will suffer economic losses to varying degrees...


on august 3, yang xiang combined with company's business needs, organize the departments of office work, buyer, human line personnel and financial staff and training, intensive training topics for the corporate legal risk and countermeasure of signing a contract, the lawyer liangfei was peng as the training lecturer, during the process of popularization of legal knowledge, combined with the real example, give you a lesson on the "dry" full.

this lecture is mainly from the review of the contract, the performance of the contract and other aspects, the review of the contract should pay attention to what problems? lawyer liang especially emphasized the following details:

1. to conclude the contract, the company's organizational type, business status and economic strength of the contracting party shall be studied;
2. pay attention to the legality of the contract and transaction content;
3. the contracting party's ability to perform the contract shall be reviewed from the aspects of the type of enterprise and economic strength of the contracting party.

secondly, in the performance of the contract ability to review, we should pay special attention to the other side of the supply and sales procedures to improve.

introduced so many "dry goods", so what is the situation of the training site? let's see.



this training has enriched the company's employees' knowledge of corporate legal affairs, and has played a substantial role in the future work.

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