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yangxiang was ranked seventh in guangxi top 100 private enterprises!
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on july 23, the list of 2021 guangxi top 100 private enterprises was released. yangxiang won the seventh place with an operating revenue of 13112.11 million yuan.

(at the award site, the eighth on the right is yangxiang recipient)

it is understood that in 2021, the entry threshold of guangxi top 100 private enterprises exceeded rmb 1 billion, reaching rmb 1.091 billion, which is the first billion yuan mark, an increase of 110 million yuan over the previous year, year-on-year growth of 12.1%, and the overall scale achieving a breakthrough.

the 2021 guangxi top 100 private enterprises survey and analysis report shows that top 100 enterprises pay more attention to the improvement of innovation ability, and the enterprise r & d intensity is increasing steadily. from 2017 to 2020, the total r & d investment increased by an average annual rate of 31.2%, and the proportion of the total r&d investment in the total operating income has continued to increase, injecting new momentum into high-quality development.

(yangxiang headquarters)

adhering to the concept that technologies change swine industry, yangxiang co., ltd. is based on the fundamental development of the pig industry, guided by science and technology and driven by innovation, and has invested a lot of funds in r & d. at present, yangxiang has built a number of scientific research platforms and bases, including post-doctoral scientific research workstations and clustered multi-floor intelligent pig farms.


we have established a “industry-university-research” cooperation mechanism with many colleges and universities, and built research sites on the front line of production, so as to realize the rapid transformation of scientific and technological achievements, improve production efficiency, reduce the cost of raising pigs, and provide strong backing for realizing the yangxiang mission of “healthy, safety, delicious and convenient”.

(yangxiang clustered multi-floor intelligent pig farm)

in addition, yangxiang has cooperated with industrial scientists and builds a high-end intelligent “meat factory” to open up the pig industry chain through big data and realize food safety and efficient supervision from production to consumption, trace back the whole process and achieve trust consumption.

in the future, yangxiang will adhere to the concept of “stay in society, return to society”, bravely take responsibility, speak with real achievements, strengthen confidence in development, make new contributions to the comprehensive construction of magnificent guangxi with chinese characteristics, and do its best to make china a powerful pig farming country!

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