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yangxiang’s breeding technology won the first prize of science and technology progress award authorized by ministry of education!
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the list of winners of the 2020 scientific research outstanding achievement award (science and technology) of higher education institutions were officially announced by ministry of education a few days ago. and yangxiang become one of the winners (first prize) with its project “performance test of breeding pigs and genomic breeding technology innovation and application”.

it is understood that the scientific research outstanding achievement award (science and technology) of higher education institutions is an important science and technology award following the national natural science award, the national technical invention award and the national science and technology progress award.under the background of the innovation-driven development strategy, this award has effectively promoted technological innovation in colleges and universities, supported the cultivation of high-quality talents, and further improved the ability of colleges and universities to serve the needs of economic and social development by scientific research.

according to the assessment standard, yangxiang won the award for the following conditions:

1) outstanding technological innovation and advanced technical and economic indicators

2) significant economic or social benefits;

3) important role in promoting technological progress in the industry .

as a technology-based agricultural and animal husbandry company with the entire industry chain, yang xiang adheres to the concept of "science and technology change the pig industry". over the years, it has actively conducted in-depth cooperation with many universities such as huazhong agricultural university and sun yat-sen university to build a school-enterprise cooperation platform and establish industry-university-research institutes and talent training and introduction mechanism. yangxiang research institute, academician workstations, and post-doctoral research workstations have been established to promote the application of scientific research results of universities and colleges in pig production practice, creating good social and economic benefits, and also contributing to the advancement and development of the industry.

(signing ceremony between yangxiang and universities) 

improving the level of breeding is the key to the company’s core competitiveness in pig raising. yang xiang believes that “gene” determines the upper limit of production performance, and only breeding can break this “ceiling”. by building a platform for “industry-university-research” cooperation, yangxiang actively introduces scientific research talents to build a professional breeding team, establish a huge gene database, improve breeding efficiency, and continuously push up the "ceiling" of production performance.

low breeding efficiency is the key to the international competitiveness of my country's breeding pigs. the current international breeding pig selection and breeding are basically based on the same standard. they are all about improving meat production efficiency. the essence of breeding pig competition is all about efficiency. improving breeding efficiency is the most important effort for china to change its breeding pig industry. 

(yangxiang, together with universities, have developed liquid gene chips, gene breeding and matching algorithms)

over the years, yang xiang has formed in-depth cooperation with scientific research institutions such as huazhong agricultural university and sun yat-sen university. the two parties have continued to cooperate in intelligent phenotyping technology, genome selection and matching algorithms, new methods for genotype detection, and internet intelligent breeding systems. innovate breeding technology from all aspects, and provide technical support for raising pig breeding efficiency and efficient improvement. 

(an automated genome precision matching system jointly developed by yangxiang and huazhong agricultural university.)

regarding the breeding model of pigs, yang xiang cooperated with the genetic breeding team of huazhong agricultural university to propose the "universal breeding" model. through the integration of genome joint breeding, precise genome selection and sow self-circulation, etc. and with pig raising equipment as the carrier, integrate all pigs in the universal breeding system, implement big data breeding, and creating a new model of efficient breeding of breeding pigs and efficient use of excellent genes.

(yangxiang’s intelligent multi-floor board stud)
under the situation of complex diseases such as fw, yangxiang strives to greatly improve the breeding efficiency of breeding pigs through this model, maximize the effect of excellent genes, realize efficient breeding of breeding pigs and efficient pig breeding under complex diseases, and promote the advancement of breeding technology in the industry.

"strengthen agriculture must first strengthen the seed". amid china’s vigorously developing the "stuck neck" technology of the seed industry, yangxiang will continue to improve its own breeding technology innovation capabilities, promote the in-depth integration of "enterprise, universities and research institute", and transfer technological innovation and achievement into production, making more contributions to the development of the pig industry and the development of social economy!

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