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the “iron-barrel” asf prevention model of yangxiang is promoted again!
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nandan: the “iron-barrel” asf prevention model guarantee stable supply of pigs.

recently, a correspondent from guangxi daily learned from the people’s government of nandan county that in recent years, the county has actively implemented incentive policies for resuming production of pigs, actively promoted the "iron barrel" asf prevention model, and coordinated the handling of the relationship between breeding and environmental protection, production and epidemic prevention, and realized stable pigs production.

through the “iron-barrel” asf prevention model, farms with a farming scale of more than 5000 pigs realize separation between living area and production area, and strict disinfection of people who go in and out of the farm.

nandan county successively organized more than 1,000 people including animal husbandry and veterinary technicians and employee from large-scale breeding enterprises to participate in training to learn asf theories and on-site visits to the transformation and upgrading of pig farms, asf prevention   and control approaches and operating procedures for repopulation. lawfully bans 9 slaughter sites with incomplete qualifications in each township, promotes the formation of a new model of "county-level slaughter, town-level distribution", dispatched "official veterinarians" to implement strict quarantine in accordance with quarantine regulations, and conducts comprehensive monitoring of asf, foot-and-mouth disease and prrs and other animal diseases, provides technical support for the prevention and control of animal diseases.

(iron-barrel style pig farm from yangxiang)

as diseases is under control, nandan has incorporated the development of the pig industry into the "top ten millions" poverty alleviation industry development task, helping 19 large-scale farms with a scale of more than 1,000 heads to obtain farming land, and actively implemented financial support policies such as "gui hui loan". by now 116 agricultural enterprises have applied for relevant financial support.

at present, there are 16 farms in nandan which sell over 5000 hogs annually and 12 farms with an output of over 120000 pigs each year.

yangxiang’s “iron-barrel” asf prevention model withstood the test of practice and is safety and reliable. 

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