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twenty years later, yang xiang presented these three trophies to mark the 40th anniversary of china
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2018 marks the 40th anniversary of china's reform and opening up
in a blink of an eye, the country has been turned upside down

pig industry, the pillar industry of chinese stock raising
in 40 years, i successfully completed a transformation.

from traditional family sideline, mechanization
towards intensive, large-scale, modern, intelligent
remember the pig years of the past, look at the present, the heart with a thousand regrets......

in early november, "celebration and academic seminar to commemorate the 40th anniversary of china's reform and opening up to the outside world" was held in nanning, guangxi. relevant scientific research institutes from all over the country and many large pig enterprises gathered together to look back on the past of china's pig industry and discuss the future development of the industry.


                                           awards ceremony

china's pig industry to achieve rapid development, cannot leave all pig industry that "up", "after the world's advanced level" the spell of the matter, for the affirmation and praise the propel the development of the industry innovation of pig, the conference will "again day night" awards as one of the series of activities, the awards ceremony for a group of enterprises and individuals.

yang xiang, since it was founded in 1998, has gone through 20 years, on the country's reform and opening up "train", from scratch to become the industry today "pig practitioners of science and technology", after twists and turns to a new lease on life, believe and insist, let's on the awards also won three awards: best group service award, outstanding contribution award, top pig pig enterprise award.




honor is to affirm and encourage that the country's development will enter a more rapid development stage in the future. yangxiang is bound to "make further progress" in both pig breeding sector and pig breeding sector, and make more contributions to the development of china's pig industry.

diary of the "take-off" of china's pig industry

forty years ago, pig breeding in china was generally dominated by rural families. the phenomenon that "two or three pigs are the economic source of the whole family" can be seen everywhere. with high degree of artificial dependence and low production capacity, no one could imagine what "intelligent pig breeding" would be like.

in 1978, the spring breeze of reform and opening up swept across china. relying on the power of science and technology, the traditional chinese pig industry was also undergoing a series of changes, from the original "rural household production" to today's "large-scale production".


in 1979, the number of pigs raised in china increased from 187.7 million in 1979 to 689 million in 2017, with the production of pork quadrupling and the share of pork quadrupling.
what does that mean?
it means that pork has changed from a "feast feast delicacy" to a "daily meat product" today, and technology has transformed the "luxury" of that year into a common dish on the dinner table of chinese people.

internet pig farming, the future can be expected

this conference mentioned that the pig industry has become the pillar industry of china's agriculture, which cannot be separated from the help and guidance of scientific and technological innovation. "safety, quality and efficiency" has become a bright future for pig farmers.
the tide of the internet is already pushing the pig industry onto a broader path. with china leading the data deluge, the future of "internet pig raising" is foreseeable.
we see taobao, didi and other platforms, with the power of the internet, bring people more convenience in life, so the traditional pig industry plug in the wings of the internet, to achieve transformation and upgrading, and why not? the traditional model of "dirty, tired and poor" pig farming is likely to be redefined by the internet.


yang xiang has always been practicing the concept of "technology changes the pig industry". in 2014, yang xiang took the first step of exploration. today, it has handed over the first "answer sheet".
china's future can be expected, china's pig industry can also be expected in the future, let us all look forward to.


we bid farewell to all kinds of food tickets, cloth tickets, fuel tickets, all kinds of tickets...... ushered in the convenient and fast "network shopping" era, do not the old landline, black and white television, shaking to shake the green train............ ushered in a vibrant new china.

today, the world is listening to the "voice of china", history is always repeating, for us pig farmers, will there be a day, we do not "dirty, tired, poor" traditional pig mode, ushered in another subversive tradition of a new era of pig farming?

everything, wait for time to give the answer.

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