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2018 model products of the pig industry were announced, and yangxiang's two major brand products we
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"craftsman spirit" is the source of "high-quality goods". product quality comes from constant polishing over the years. behind the progress and development of every industry, a group of "craftsman" who can stand the test are indispensable.



from november 17 to 18, 2018, the 2018 "model pig industry" award ceremony hosted by pig easy media kicked off in zhengzhou, henan province. the "model pig industry products" were unveiled one after another. yangxiang's two brand products "made the list" and became "model" after years of hard work.

1, xiubo pig essence: years of persistence, let people believe in the power of genes

now "commercial sperm supply" has become a new market demand, more and more farmers began to pay attention to the power of genes, good pig sperm can reduce the risk of disease, thus bringing down the cost of raising pigs.

up until five years ago, there was no such consensus in the industry, but the belief that "the power of genes" allowed companies to "breed" without much hesitation.

introduce high quality breeding pigs from denmark

due to the existence of many restrictive factors, the construction and development of boar station has always been the "shortcoming" of china's pig breeding industry. in such an environment, it is not easy to make a substantial breakthrough, but the persistence of the "breeding" cause has prompted the company to take a crucial step.


yagi mountain boar station

in 2013, yangxiang invested 500 million yuan to carry out international cooperation and built a breeding base for 30,000 sows and an artificial insemination center for 1,200 species of boars in yaji mountain, guigang, guangxi. yangxiang has become the largest and most advanced boar station in the world, and its pursuit of "high-quality pig essence" can be seen from this.

now, "xiubo pig essence, let every sperm become special forces" has become a slogan more and more people are familiar with, xiubo pig essence is also recognized by users because of the safety, non-toxic, stable product advantages, but yang xiang "gene to create" the pace of progress, still will move towards a longer future.

2. unusual "powder plus granulation" : years of research and development, creating a new pattern of research and development and application of pig feeder materials

in 2017, young devoted much effort the research and development production of new teach slot feed - "powder and granule" finally officially into the market, is a warm market response to developers biggest affirmation, "everything comes to him who waits," "powder and granule" success "appeared" which created domestic teach slot feed research and development and application of new pattern.


in fact, the successful research and development of "powder plus granule" is not an accident. since the beginning of feed production, yangxiang has been putting the "quality" of feed in the first place for many years, and the initial intention of "high grade and high return" has not been shaken by the change of market pattern.

as the company's latest research and development launched "powder plus granule" suckling pig teaching trough material products, from the selection of raw materials, formula optimization, processing technology innovation, and animal testing and other aspects, all of yang xiang company nutrition research center r & d staff into a lot of effort.

after repeated user experiments and evaluation, it has been proved that "powder plus granule" can finally bring "gospel" to weaning piglets.

"powder adds grain" craftsmanship is reflected in where? multiple technological innovations were realized

1. the perfect combination of "powder" and "grain" realizes the "zero transition" of weaning piglets;
2. excellent material selection principle and quality control ensure the excellent quality of products from the source;
3. scientific formula optimization, fully considering the physiological characteristics and nutritional needs of piglets before and after weaning;
4. advanced raw material pretreatment technology and production technology (ultra-micro crushing technology, etc.) guarantee product quality;


whether it is the pursuit of "good genes" or "good products", yangxiang always believes in "the power of technology". in the current era of industrial internet, yangxiang is striding forward into the era of "intelligent pig raising" and making every effort to make china a strong country in pig raising through science and technology.


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