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yangxiang and huazhong agricultural university jointly create a "new model of school-enterprise coo
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october 2 is the 120th anniversary of huazhong agricultural university. many of the alumni of huazhong agricultural university traveled thousands of miles to lion mountain to celebrate the birthday of their alma mater.


the scene of the 120th anniversary celebration of huazhong agricultural university


scene of the celebration night of the 120th anniversary of huazhong agricultural university, picture from the official website of huazhong agricultural university

"yang xiang people" and "hua nong people"

yang xiang co., ltd. is a deep cooperative enterprise of huannong. on the occasion of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of huannong university, mr. shi liang, president of the company, together with other staff representatives who are alumni of huannong university, went to the celebration of the 120th anniversary of huannong university to participate in the grand occasion.


leader and employee representative of yangxiang on the spot of "alumni enterprise brand day"

this time, i went to huarong to participate in the school anniversary activities -- "alumni enterprise brand day". yangxiang shares not only presented a gift to the school as a "partner" and sought common development ", but also participated in the meeting of the company's leaders and staff representatives as "alumni" to "celebrate the birthday of the alma mater, and share deep feelings".


leaders of yangxiang group and leaders of huagong school

they are "chinese farmers" in school, now "yang xiang people", but in the 120th anniversary of the anniversary of the school this special day, "yang xiang people" and "chinese farmers", has been one.

industry-university-research cooperation becomes "new model" of school-enterprise cooperation

yang xiang and hua nong have made a series of achievements in various aspects since they started cooperation in 2009.

the cooperation between the two sides has been continuously upgraded. in 2016 and 2017, the two sides signed the school-enterprise cooperation · "3028 pieces of four and five joint tackling key problems" project in the pig industry, and "school-enterprise cooperation to create a modern pig 3.0 system joint tackling key problems" project.


the mode of "production-university-research" combination, talent introduction and joint training jointly established by the two sides has become a new model of school-enterprise cooperation in china's agriculture and animal husbandry industry.


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