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cooperation to upgrade! yangxiang joins hands with ruibao of the netherlands and shadow technology
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in recent years, the development of industrial internet has attracted much attention. many traditional industries have taken the "express train" of the internet to achieve transformation and upgrading. the traditional livestock industry has been trying to find its own position on this "express train".


this year, yangxiang made his debut in euro tier, hanover, germany, at the international animal husbandry exhibition

on november 13, 2018-16, "the world's leading animal husbandry event" - euro tier international livestock show (2018) 2018 officially kicked off in hanover, germany exhibition hall, the exhibition is comprehensive, thoroughly discusses "digital culture", "how to use the internet to optimize work, improve efficiency" has become the focus of global animal husbandry industry, in china, yang xiang since 2015 ahead of industry began to explore internet "pig."

cooperation will be upgraded to drive the "intelligent farming industry" onto the fast track

on november 14, during the exhibition, yang xiang co, the netherlands farce pernod (shanghai) trading co., ltd., guangzhou shadow technology co., ltd formally signed a tripartite cooperation memorandum from the farce of pernod headquarters in the netherlands ceo ruben mr wegman personally attended the signing ceremony, the partnership will combine three strength, further drive "smart breeding industry" into the fast lane.



(on the left is dr. liu xiangdong, vice president and production director of yangxiang group's pig breeding business; in the middle is mr. ruben wegman, ceo of rabobor; on the right is dr. he jingxiang, ceo of shadow technology)

yangxiang has a long-term technical cooperation foundation with rabobank in the early stage, and deep strategic cooperation with shadow technology in fpf's future pig farm. therefore, the three companies agreed to strengthen the cooperation in fpf's future pig farm platform construction, technology development, promotion and application and other fields on the basis of the existing cooperation.

like-minded, committed to promote the transformation and upgrading of the livestock industry

yang xiang has always adhered to and practiced the concept of "science and technology changes the pig industry". in recent years, the company has changed from "traditional pig raising" to "science and technology raising" through scientific pig raising methods. at present, the company is comprehensively stepping into the era of "internet pig raising" and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the traditional pig raising industry through the internet.

farce pernod (shanghai) trading co., ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of dutch nedap company set up in china, is committed to an efficient and sustainable management automation, intelligent for animal husbandry animal husbandry management system, since its establishment, our firm pernod has innovative pig breeding management concept and model of intelligent group is introduced into the chinese market.


the signing of the contract has attracted the attention of foreign customers and media at the exhibition site

guangzhou shadow technology co., ltd., founded in 2017, is a service from farm to table the whole industry chain of the internet platform company, using artificial intelligence, big data, internet, chain blocks, such as genetic engineering technology, offer the whole industrial chain of intelligent, digital transformation and upgrading the overall solutions and services, october 19, shadow technology officially released "fpf future pig" intelligent engine series products, truly "to carry the pig on the internet.


took a group photo

the three companies have technical advantages in different fields, and are also rooted in the livestock industry, committed to jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of livestock industry. the three sides agreed that the application of industrial connectivity technology in intelligent pig breeding has a broad prospect. therefore, it is necessary to give full play to each other's advantages and experience and achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation through sincere cooperation.

the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement among yangxiang, ruibao and shadow technology will further facilitate the transformation and upgrading of animal breeding industry and drive the intelligent breeding industry into a "fast track".









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