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on october 24, yangxiang passed the application of "postdoctoral research station".



postdoctoral scientific research workstation refers to the organization that can recruit and train postdoctoral researchers within enterprises, research and production-oriented institutions and special regional institutions upon approval.

the establishment of workstations is of great significance for enterprises to introduce postdoctoral talents and promote scientific research and innovation

as for the conditions for declaration, the notice on declaration mentions the following points:
1. the enterprise is in good operation or operation condition.
2. it has a certain scale and a specialized research and development institution.
3. have a high-level scientific research team and postdoctoral research projects with innovative theories and technologies.

these are only the basic conditions for obtaining the qualification for application. if you want to get the quota of recommendation, you have to meet the recommendation conditions, and the requirements for recommendation conditions have been increased.

every enterprise or unit that has passed the audit must go through layers of audit before it can be approved.

talent is the enterprise innovation and development "drive", as early as september 2015, yang xiang has approved "postdoctoral innovation practice base" application, but don't have a post-doctoral recruit qualified personnel, and this "post-doctoral scientific research workstation" after application through, the company will be recruiting postdoctoral, on the postdoctoral the introduction of talent is no longer in the position of "passive".


postdoctoral workstation is an important carrier to attract, gather and cultivate high-level innovative young talents. we hope that more and more outstanding talents can join yangxiang family in the future and contribute to "make china a strong country in pig breeding".









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