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yangxiang shares won the title of
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recently, guangxi feed industry association has selected 30 outstanding enterprises and 21 outstanding individuals in guangxi to commend their efforts and contributions to the innovation and progress of the feed industry in guangxi.

yangxiang has been awarded two titles of "top 10 feed enterprises in guangxi" and "top 10 innovative feed enterprises in guangxi".



in addition, mr. huang dingshou, executive chairman of yangxiang stock, was selected as "guangxi feed industry meritorious person", mr. shi liang, president of yangxiang stock and dr. tan jiajin, president of yangxiang research institute were respectively awarded "guangxi feed industry science and technology talent award".



for the winning enterprises and individuals, guangxi feed industry association gave such affirmation:

honored enterprises and individuals are outstanding representatives of the feed industry in guangxi. they actively devote themselves to the innovation and entrepreneurship of the feed industry and have made important contributions to the health of feed breeding in guangxi.

in the future, yangxiang stock will never forget its original intention, continue to polish products carefully and serve the market with excellent products.

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