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the dry goods and the essence fly together, pitc conference lets the human worthwhile trip!
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       today, the third pitc conference officially meets with the owners of large-scale pig farms. during the meeting, the dry goods are full, the essence is constantly, small make up in the side listen to, that small notebook can not remember!

       the conference was moderated by dr jack behan, ceo of progressive protein technologies company, canada. at the same time, he made a detailed report and analysis on "how yangxiang will cope with the global pork production challenge after 2023", systematically analyzed the international situation of the pig industry based on domestic and foreign data, and pointed out the feasibility of raising psy above 35.


 jack presides over and gives the keynote report

      president shi liang of guangxi yangxiang co., ltd. first made a situation analysis of the pig industry in terms of psy changes, cost of live pig breeding, profit trend and other aspects in major countries around the world. he pointed out that china's future pig farming pattern will be divided into three groups: group intensive pig groups, medium-sized pig groups and family farm pig groups. in the next 10 years, he suggests, there will be three levels of profit margins for pig farming in china. if the cost is lower than the average 0.4-0.5 yuan/catty, it will earn 200 yuan/catty; lower than the average cost of 0.8-1.0 yuan/jin, profit of 300 yuan/head. the only way to raise pigs in the future is to divide labor and cooperate, and provide professional services. improve efficiency and reduce the cost of raising pigs.


president shi liang's wonderful sharing won applause from the audience

      how did yangxiang reduce the cost to 5.27 yuan/kg? yang xiang pig future development is what kind of? mr shi said yangxiang was moving from a traditional pig farming model to an intelligent one. he showed the production data trend of psy produced by yangxiang in recent ten years, the change data of weaning piglets cost and the change trend of comprehensive cost of raising pigs in the whole process. the reason why yangxiang can reduce the cost to 5.27 yuan/kg is to fully explore the five key elements of low-cost pig breeding: genetic inheritance, accurate nutrition, biological safety, environmental control and production management. for each of the key elements, yangxiang has invested huge human, material and financial resources for in-depth exploration and research. at present, yangxiang is striving to build an intelligent pig raising service platform, and decomposes the goals of self-raising and serving pig raising, hoping to share low-cost practices and achievements with the majority of pig raising friends.

afterwards, dave, pic's director of product performance in asia shared with all the bosses about how good breeding genes can reduce the cost of raising pigs. qian ping, professor of huazhong agricultural university and director of yangxiang veterinary medicine, introduced the "experience of the overall survival rate of large-scale pig farms of more than 92%".


dave has a full lecture


professor qian ping shared his experience

      in the afternoon, pitc conference was divided into four parts, namely "operation and management", "gene bbs", "nutrition bbs" and "biological safety". according to the common questions of pig farms, special reports and professional answers were made. each part of bbs was full of people.









bbs, everybody was holding their breath

       finally, dr. li jialian, chairman of xiubo science and technology co., ltd., presented the specific results of "ppt yangxiang pig farm" service for pig breeding. since pitc held the pitc conference for two sessions, the scale pig farm cooperated with ppt and yangxiang company, the production index, production performance and other key indicators have been significantly improved, and the cost has been significantly reduced. tan, the owner of pitc's 8,000 sows colony, shares the benefits of his pig farm.

general manager shi guangxiao introduced three service modes of yangxiang in detail, as well as specific service methods. he pointed out that we will provide different precise services for different service modes proposed by different pig farms, so as to create the highest value for pig farms "due to the appropriate location".


dr. li jialian introduced the cooperation results in detail


general manager shi guangxiao introduces the service mode

      ne day's theme conference, not only has the analysis of the international situation, but also has the experience of solving practical problems of pig farms and successful cases to share, the third pitc conference really can be described as "dry goods and essence fly together", once you come here, it is worth your trip!

the next pitc conference, there will be more wonderful to wait for you! want to participate in, you can early registration yo!

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