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yang xiang signed a strategic cooperation agreement with cofco trading co., ltd
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on august 9th, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between guangxi yangxiang co., ltd. and cofco trading co., ltd. was held at the headquarters of yangxiang. ma tongchao, general manager of cofco trade corn center, and shi liang, president of yangxiang co., ltd. respectively signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement between cofco trade and yangxiang co., ltd. on behalf of both parties.


(signing ceremony)

the signing of the agreement will promote the two sides to establish a comprehensive and long-term strategic cooperative relationship in the future and further upgrade the level of cooperation.

in line with the cooperative purpose of "sincere cooperation and common development", we will jointly promote the sustainable and stable growth of the scale of cooperation in feed raw materials, establish long-term cooperative relations, and finally realize the vision of mutual benefit and win-win through the efforts of both sides.


(photo taken by participants from both sides)

cofco trading co., ltd. is a first-class subsidiary of cofco group co., ltd. and is the largest marketable grain circulation enterprise and an important feed production enterprise in china, serving the national macro-control of grain and the implementation of import and export of wheat, corn and other important agricultural products. its business scope includes agricultural services, trade in food raw materials and feed raw materials, and e-commerce trade in grain, etc. operating varieties include wheat, corn, rice, feed raw materials and products.

this time the two sides reached a strategic cooperation, can further strengthen the yangxiang company's procurement advantages, optimize the company's procurement structure layout, more conducive to yangxiang partners to provide better quality feed services.

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